Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Back to Portland

After 28 years living elsewhere, I have returned, at least part-time. Not only a return to Portland, Oregon, but also to my old stomping ground neighborhood of Northwest District, when I was a young adult fresh out of college, working in NW Portland. I hoped to return someday, and now we have.

My goal in this blog is just to have a place to share little tidbits and photos about what I love in Portland. When I'm here I'm always inspired to snap photos...walking down the sidewalk I spot all kinds of beauty in the city.

We love exploring the city and discovering restaurants, cafes, bars, and shops in our own neighborhood, in nearby Pearl and downtown, and greater Portland as well. This is where I will share those photos and discoveries.

It's the little everyday joys that make for a sweet life. And I'm glad that I get to build that sweet life again in Portland. I hope you enjoy sharing my city adventures!

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