Thursday, January 23, 2014

Brunch at Irving Street Kitchen

I've been a fan of Irving Street Kitchen in the Pearl District since they opened, but I had only gone there for dinner and drinks (love their local wine on "tap"!). That changed recently when we went to Sunday Brunch. What a discovery! The Bloody Marys were great although a bit heavy on the horseradish for me.

The menu was great with so many INTERESTING choices it was difficult to decide. We took to looking around us at other people's plates and asking our waitress was that dish was. Crowded and buzzy, the atmosphere was fun.

I settled on the Chicken & Waffles served with an egg on top. The syrup below was maple with some spicy heat added. I didn't feel too guilty since the portion was actually quite small. Perfect!

Not a bad way to start a foggy Sunday in the city!